Three Questions on the Relationship Between the Internet and Visual Art

The Internet has both good and undesirable effects on visual arts. It can facilitate piracy or theft but it can also be useful in undertaking less expensive promotions. In the current situation of visual art and Internet relationship, there are three topics worth discussing: the threat of the Internet on art sales, the consequences of visual artists becoming online famous, and the protection of digital art creations. These topics can be discussed by answering the following questions. Read More

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Third International Emerging Artist Awardee Soon To Be Unveiled

The art scene is anticipating the unveiling of this year’s winners of the International Emerging Artist Award. Since its first in 2011-2012, this competition has featured thousands of spectacular artworks by extremely gifted artists. Although based in Dubai, it is open for artists from the rest of the world.

This competition was conceived with the benefit of emerging artists in mind. How can young artists launch their career in the international arena? This award aims to give them a platform to show off their talents and to skyrocket their career. It was also strategic in pivoting United Arab Emirates into the frontlines of global art scene. Read More

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How Young Artists can Benefit from Online Galleries

An artist’s lifeblood is his art galleries. This is because it is through this activity that his works are exposed to people. Getting exposure has numerous benefits including getting known as an artist as well as meeting potential purchasers of his work. An art gallery is something that should not be taken away from any artist.

The problem is that so many young and upstart artists are losing out on this opportunity because setting up an art gallery can be costly. Being a new artist, things such as this can be too much for them. Despite all these, they can now go for the next best thing which is in the form of online art gallery.

If you are an up-and-coming artist, and you are unsure about using online art gallery, it would be best to peruse the following benefits of using one.

Cost, Time, and Space Efficient.

Efficiency is the keyword for a successful art gallery. And you can achieve this if you would go for online gallery. Since you would only upload an image of your piece, you save yourself time and money as compared to setting up an actual physical gallery.

With physical galleries, you would have to rent a space, spend too much time setting up the art pieces, and pay an advertising company to promote the event. All these are no longer necessary with online galleries because you only need a website instead of an actual place. You also do not need an ad company because you can promote the event yourself in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Become part of a community of artists

Another benefit of using online galleries is that you, the artist, can get acquainted with other seasoned, as well as green artists like you. This is through becoming a member of co0mmunity of artists online. You can connect with various different artists; from those advocates of medical marijuana Spokane such as this website to those who are into other advocacies. A dynamic community of artists such as this can be a wealth of information for one new artist.

Truly, going for online galleries can be more beneficial than having an actual physical one.

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Music and Weed

Weed or marijuana is one of the not-so-positive things associated with musicians, especially for those who are into rock, metal, punk, and alternative. It can be said that weed and music similarly represent a rebellious state, a desire to be beyond norms and expectations. But is this acceptable? Should this association be considered normal and unobjectionable?

If you search for the phrase “marijuana and music” online, you will find various discussions and articles that don’t really express criticism or aversion to the weed and music association. Many discuss the topic casually, like it’s a normalcy everyone seems to accept. There are even those who consider marijuana in the music industry as a “cool” act. Generally, the perception of marijuana in music is not as negative as what one would expect. Even marijuana itself is not prominently attached with a negative reputation in several articles online. Drug Policy Alliance laid out a list of 10 facts about marijuana that don’t completely condemn cannabis use. The list even points out that marijuana does not cause mental health problems and that it has the potential of protecting a use from the formation of cancer cells.

But should weed use among musicians be tolerated? It has to be pointed out that the arguments in favor of marijuana use are anchored on the medicinal applications. It’s not about recreation or the casual inhalation of weed smoke to augment creative juices. Will music sound different without the weed? Should the current use of weed among budding musicians be tolerated or shrugged off as something usual?

With the rate of marijuana legalization in the United States, casual use among young and rebellious musicians will likely become acceptable for many. Having a nearby Washington dispensary, for instance, and a comprehensive listing of dispensaries online will likely support the trend of weed becoming more acceptable for this generation. Nevertheless, this may not necessarily mean that more young people will be encouraged to use marijuana for recreation or to yield to peer pressure. There are even studies that report lower instances of use among younger people in states that legalized marijuana. Also, a recent study found that medical marijuana legalization may reduce the abuse of painkillers and other similar drugs.

Of course, this post is not meant to promote marijuana as a staple or regular practice for musicians. Music should still be about music and not about belonging to a clique of weed users. It’s unacceptable to ride on the ongoing trend of marijuana legalization to write and promote songs about weed abuse. It’s not right to tap on the community of recreational weed users to promote music or debut new music in venues where marijuana abuse is a regular practice.

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Opening a Pot Dispensary for a Cause

Though marijuana use is already legal in some states, there are still a lot of people who can’t accept it. Thus, marijuana users and those who sell it are condemned. However, if you are in the medical field and you believe in the power of marijuana to be of help to patients, then don’t hesitate opening up a pot dispensary. After all, this dispensary is not for those who are against marijuana use. It is for those who need it the most.

A Noble Act

To begin with, you have to understand that this business is not necessarily for money making. It is more of being able to help patients who have no access to medical marijuana. Therefore, your decision of opening up a pot dispensary is totally justified. Furthermore, you will still follow the laws applicable in your state in opening up the dispensary, selling the drug and operating the business. Thus, you are violating nothing to begin with. You will just help those who have long been suffering from seizures or those who could have risky cancer cells. You will lengthen the lives of these people and give them another chance.

Donating Your Profit to Struggling Artists

If being of help to those who are in need is still not good enough a reason to open a pot dispensary, then take things to another level. Donate a part of your profit to struggling artists. These are people who may or may not use pot, but will surely need your financial support. There are lots of artists with great potentials, but they don’t have an avenue to showcase their talents. They have no means to publicize their works since they are not funded. If you can make some efforts to help them by donating a part of the dispensary’s income to them, then your support will surely go a long way.

Helping in Many Ways

This article is not meant to promote marijuana use for all people. Instead, it is just a way of saying that there is nothing wrong in opening a pot dispensary. As long as your goal is to be of help, then it is justified. One of the most accessible dispensaries is Portland Dispensary. Check this out for more details.

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Extract Your Creative Juices with the Help of Marijuana

Being an artist is never easy. Sometimes, it takes months or even years before you can come up with something that you can call a masterpiece. Worse, when you already made one, it is an even bigger challenge to show to the world what you have got. There are lots of more talented artists out there, and they have lots of opportunities to showcase their works. Therefore, if you want to make a name in the industry, you need to know how to bring out the best in you.

Bringing Out the Best in You

As an artist, you need inspiration. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are inspired with what you are doing and your inspiration may be transformed into something fantastic. There are many ways to be inspired. One of them is by looking back at your past. There might be something interesting in your past that may inspire you to create something amazing. You may also take a look at the people who have been supportive of your endeavors right from the start. By remembering the people who believe in you, it will be easier for you to push yourself to the limits. Going to places to see scenic spots or learn more about other people’s culture might also inspire you with your work.

A Unique Way to Bring Out Creativity

If you want to really be creative, you might want to use marijuana. This might come as a shock for you, but studies reveal that marijuana use may alter the function of the brain, and it does not necessarily have to be in a negative way. Pot makes you feel more relaxed and it does calm your nerves. As a result, you may be able to think better. Thus, if you have something hidden somewhere in your mind, it might be easier for you to retrieve it. Of course, it is also easier to work when you have a feeling of calmness. You need not be a dependent of the drug, but you can use it as a way to bring out your creativity.

There are people who have just learned how to open a dispensary here. You may visit them and inquire more about how to get legal pot.

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5 Oddest Artworks You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

The world of arts is hard to comprehend. That’s a given. Artists are said to operate differently than less artistic people, so it’s natural that artists’ idea of unique and creative work is unusual on so many levels. Not all will understand the message of a certain art work. Botticelli’s portraits of beautiful women may seem mundane to others while existential to some.

But there are some artists who take the grain of unusual on a whole different level. We long to get inside the head of these artists to find out what exactly they were thinking at the moment of these artworks’ conception:

Orlan’s The Reincarnation of Saint-Orlan

Orlan is quite an odd icon. She is a French lady who showed bouts of oddity since her early life. In 1964 she walked as slowly as she could from one point of the city to another. She called this Marches au ralenti ("Slow motion walks"). What made her known was her attempt to restructure her face to have the same features as iconic women of the past. She called this The Reincarnation of Saint-Orlan. She had the nose of Jean-Léon Gérôme's Psyche, chin of Botticelli’s Venus, and forehead of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. She claims she did this to materialize men’s concept of ideal beauty in herself. Well, she certainly did.

Bart Jansen’ Orvillecopter

This Dutch artist showed his cat a tremendous love when he turned the dead feline into a helicopter. That’s right. He had it stuffed by a taxidermist, then attached to it a mechanism developed by helicopter expert Arjen Beltman. This mechanism was perfect fit for the cat and was remote-controlled. This work was shown at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam. For the first time, a cat could fly.

A Taiwanese Guy’s Urine Iron Man

Sometime in 2012 a Taiwanese guy decided to paint Iron Man using his own urine. In a toilet bowl. For this he intentionally consumed edible pigmentation so he was able to produce red, black, and green urine. Then he carefully arranged the multi-colored urine in an actual toilet bowl. He used his own saliva for the eyes. With his efforts to continuously supply the saliva while the judges were looking at other artworks, this entry won a popular artwork competition.

Ani K’s Paintings by the Tongue

He does not hold the paint brush by his mouth. This Indian artist slathers his tongue with paint and uses it as a substitute for a paint brush. In other words, he licks to paint. His works are quite impressive, and you wouldn’t have thought that a tongue gave birth to that. But he licks his paintings to life. That’s how he does it.

Millie Brown’s Vomit Painting

Let’s take the tongue painting to the extreme and talk about the Vomit Painter. Brown drinks colored milk than regurgitates and vomits it onto a blank canvas. This is how she creates abstract art. Her colored vomit creates such great impressions that her artworks sold for thousands of dollars. Not to discriminate in any way, but Ani K’s tongue painting seems a lot more wholesome. 

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